Dallas Housing Authority Introduces “Opportunity Rising Foundation”
To Help Lift Low Income Residents Out of Poverty

In 20 Years the Foundation (Previously Phoenix Foundation) Has Awarded Nearly $1.5 Million In Scholarships to High School Graduates & Returning College Students

DALLAS, TX – June 19, 2018 – After 20 years of service to the community, the Dallas Housing Authority (DHA) relaunches its education foundation as Opportunity Rising. Formerly the Phoenix Foundation, Opportunity Rising provides access to resources and experiences that empower people from low-income households to seek better career opportunities and improve their quality of life. Since 1997, the foundation has granted more than 1,000 scholarships to high school graduates and returning college students, amounting to nearly $1.5 million. Based on a recent survey of our legacy scholars, we learned the true impact of their education:

  • 71% are first-generation college students
  • 76% no longer receive government assistance
  • 52% earned their bachelor’s or master’s degree
  • 73% have applied their scholarships towards their undergraduate studies

“The Dallas Housing Authority encourages academic excellence, high self-esteem,
positive self-image, leadership and community involvement among our students, and residents. Many of our residents need assistance in continuing their pursuit of a higher education, and through the Foundation we have helped thousands attend college, gain internships and propel themselves on the road towards success and self-sufficiency,” said Troy Broussard, president and CEO of DHA. “Last year, we celebrated the 20th anniversary of our foundation and with our move towards Opportunity Rising, we are strengthening our focus on higher education for the benefit of DHA residents, families and our broader North Texas community.”

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Opportunity Rising has a vision that includes an audience that is much larger than DHA and its students. In fact, the vision extends to include all of us who are affected by poverty. The vision statement explains that Opportunity Rising is founded in the belief that education is a key to ending poverty and that everyone deserves an opportunity to pursue a higher education and lifelong learning. The foundation invests in education and learning opportunities so that everyone has access to the necessary resources for academic and professional success, leading to an improved quality of life.

The core values of the foundation include the importance of collaboration, hope, inspiration, learning, and motivation. As a group, the collaborative effort of Opportunity Rising’s leadership, donors, and former and future scholars provides the opportunity for success and thus, the elimination of poverty. Further, it is with hope and inspiration that students and supporters can truly believe in the future—that we can believe in the reality of powering success through education. At the center of these values is the belief in the power of education and the strength to persevere.

Opportunity Rising Awards

In 2018, Opportunity Rising assisted nearly 2,000 students – all of whom are Dallas Housing Authority residents – with scholarships, internships, mentorships, and other learning opportunities. On Thursday, June 14, the DHA awarded 37 of those students with nearly $70,000 in scholarships at their Opportunity Rising Foundation Scholarship Awards Banquet (previously the Crystal Awards Dinner). The awardees were from 10 North Texas school districts and five charter schools. The top scholarship awards are:

The Albert C. Black, Jr. Scholarship Award, which honors a deserving high school graduate who has demonstrated academic excellence, high self-esteem, outstanding leadership, community responsibility and who will be attending a four-year institution.
The Troy Broussard Leadership Award, which honors two (2) deserving students (one male and one female) who has demonstrated exceptional leadership in their community and school. The recipients of this award will attend a four-year institution of higher learning.


About the Dallas Housing Authority (DHA)
DHA provides quality, affordable housing to low-income families and individuals through the effective and efficient administration of housing assistance programs across North Texas. The agency aims to create opportunities for program participants to achieve self-sufficiency and economic independence. DHA provides housing opportunities to 60,000 people through public housing developments and Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8) programs. It is the 10th largest public housing agency in the nation and manages the fourth largest Housing Choice Voucher program. For more information, please visit: www.dhantx.com.

About the Opportunity Rising Foundation
We help the families we serve rise to their full potential through continuous learning, job training and education. We provide scholarships, financial assistance, mentorship and learning opportunities for our clients who are preparing to enter college, technical school, vocational school or want to learn a new skill. Since 1997, Opportunity Rising has awarded more than 1,000 scholarships to DHA residents. For more information, please visit: https://www.opportunityrisingfoundation.org/.