Diana Martinez

Medical Assistant for Children’s Medical Center

Diana is a PCI Health Training Center graduate, and she has worked as a medical assistant for Children’s Medical Center for the past 10 years. Introduced to the foundation through Chyrel Roseborough, Diana gained insight about higher education through various workshops held at DHA.

She always wanted a profession within the medical field, and Ms. Roseborough inspired Diana to start her career at PCI because it allowed for the flexibility Diana needed. Diana admits that she would not have been able to pursue her higher education and be a mother without the guidance of Ms. Roseborough and the foundation. The foundation awarded her the funds to attend school, establishing a stable career within medicine.

Ms. Martinez urges future foundation scholars to use the opportunity to go to school when it is presented. She says, “don’t wait to go to school, and never give up.”

To the foundation’s leadership, she simply says, “Thank you,” and continues, “the foundation provides a wonderful opportunity for students to better their education.”

Though Diana enjoys her position as a medical assistant, she wants to go back to school to pursue a nursing degree so that she can become a registered nurse. She still communicates with Chyrel Roseborough at DHA regularly and provides assistance for the foundation’s special events whenever she can.