Keenanlan Clemmons

Middle School Physical Education Teacher for Dallas Independent School District

Keenanlan is a Langston University graduate, earning a degree in Health and Physical Education. He made the distinct decision to pursue a degree in education because of his own experiences as a foundation scholar. Growing up within DHA’s public housing, Keenanlan is grateful for the devotion foundation leadership offered him. The foundation created the teacher he is today—one who is keenly aware of the ways in which strong leadership and role models can influence a student’s educational path.

Keenanlan says that everyone should have access to higher education, and further, “every person should experience college before making the decision not to attend.” Mr. Clemmons explains that the foundation helped him get out of the public housing system, and he wants this for other DHA students as well.

He advises future foundation scholars: “don’t stop chasing your goals. If there is help, take it. And don’t let those who provided the help down.” It is important to Keenanlan that students seize the opportunities they have with the foundation so that they can give back to it later.

To the foundation’s leadership, he expresses gratitude: “thank you for the experience,” he says. “Thank you for giving the average child hope and for standing by me for the four years I spent in college.”

Outside of teaching, Keenanlan enjoys playing sports like basketball. He continues to give back to the foundation every year, volunteering at the CRYSTAL Awards ceremony