Marone Abraham

Legacy Scholar pursuing his Master of Architecture degree

Opportunity Rising scholar Marone Abraham stands out for his desire “to make a big impact one day” and his clear sense of purpose in doing so by pursuing a career in architecture. Mr. Abraham was awarded an Opportunity Rising scholarship in 2016 to attend the University of Texas at Arlington to pursue his undergraduate degree.

Just as he set out to do, he graduated from UT Arlington in 2019 and is now pursuing his Master of Architecture degree at his alma mater. Marone chose the field of architecture as it provides a balance between problem solving and creativity, offering him the opportunity to prove that openness to a diversity of ideas is what makes the world a better place.

“I was all in once I realized there was a profession where ideas can become a reality,” Marone says. “My goals give me purpose as they give me a reason to continue to work every day. Architecture has now been the focus of my life and will continue to be so because I want to be an architect who lives and breathes design.”

Marone’s goal is to become a licensed architect. He’s now focused on finishing the UT Arlington master’s program. Once he has that degree, he envisions working in the DFW area and studying for the Architectural Registration Exam (ARE) to become licensed.

He’s proud of his brother Nahome Abraham, who received the Opportunity Rising scholarship in 2020 and is studying computer science and playing soccer at the University of Texas at Dallas.

“I am grateful that the organization saw the potential to invest in my brother and me,” Marone says. “I want my brother to have what I want from myself, financial freedom and opportunity. The Opportunity Rising Foundation has minimized the obstacles that many low-income students face when trying to attain higher education.

“I think it is incredible that both of us were given scholarships by the foundation, as it is rare that two siblings ever win the same scholarship. It’s one of those things that never happen.”

Marone has pursued his passion for learning since he was a young student, saying it has shaped him into the man he is today. “If I could be a student for the rest of my life, I would love it,” he says. “I will always have a heart of a student, continually chasing knowledge.”

He also has a message for current and future donors to the Opportunity Rising Foundation. “It is through your help that kids like me have the ability to live out their dreams. By receiving the scholarship, I was able to spend more time studying and less time working.

“As a student, this allowed me to focus and complete my undergraduate degree in four years. I hope to see many more students follow in my footsteps, and with your assistance, that can become a reality. Thank you so much for your help. We scholars are truly grateful for your investment in our future.”