Urban Institute: Evaluating the ROI in Higher Education

Policymakers have an increasing amount of new data on how higher education institutions are serving their students. In this article, Kristin Blagg and Erica Blom discuss how this vast availability of information causes policymakers to consider the return on investment in higher education for both state-level taxpayers and individuals.


Ascend and Summit Scholarship Applications Due

Applications for these scholarships opened during the week of August 6 and applications close on September 10. To learn more about this scholarship opportunity and apply, visit our Scholarships page.

DHA Unveils New Advisory Board for the Opportunity Rising Foundation

DHA (formerly, the Dallas Housing Authority) is honored to announce the new advisory board for the Opportunity Rising Foundation (formerly, the Phoenix Foundation), focused on providing educational opportunities for DHA clients and residents. The board consists of diverse North Texas leaders with expertise in academics, business, community relations, sports and charitable giving.


Beyond the Horizon: Education Helps Alleviate Poverty

Education is an investment. While some are not able to make a financial investment in education, it is an investment that has proven to pay itself off. According to “The Demographics of Wealth,” the cycle of poverty can be broken with more education after high school.